Student Work

2nd-4th Grade

Beautiful Day to Read Outside

2019 Fall Festival Balloon Launch

Grundy Electric presented an electrical safety safety program to the 4th graders on Friday, September 27, 2019.

Students enjoying a story with Nola and Simba.

October 22, 2019

The Fun Farm

The Fun Farm

5th/6th Grade Class

The Fun Farm

2nd/3rd/4th Grade Class

The Fun Farm

K/1st Grade Class

MAP and Stanford Testing Reward Luncheon at McDonald's!

2nd-4th Grade sent their book out to Studentreasures to get it professionally published into a book. Here is the preview of the book cover.

2nd-4th Graders received their purchase listed books!!!

1st Grade Stem Project: Making Fake Snow

Student Art Projects: Reindeer and Penguins

Hoop Shoot Winners 2019:

6th Grader Cypres Johnson

4th Grader Jakob Holtzclaw

4th Grader Grady Beavers

5th Grader Loren Stubbs

December 19, 2019: Make-It Take-It

December 20, 2019: Santa, Elves and Grinch came to visit the students.

3rd-6th Grade learning about force, motion, speed, acceleration and gravity by building Roller Coasters.

4th Graders were caught giving 110% while publishing their weekly writing project!

5th/6th Grade: Analogies thinking at a higher level

April Meighen from the University of Missouri Extension office came to teach the students different ways to be physically active. This is part of the MOVE Across America project Spickard R-II is involved in. The program promotes and encourages children to learn, create, and become more active in their lives. The Spickard Pirate Movers will participate in the project from now to the end of April, they will turn in their activity logs for prizes and acknowledgement.

Science Project: Students were grouped up to create a 3D version of their sphere on Earth. Grades 3-6

April Meighen from the University of Missouri Extension office visited the Spickard Movers with the Blender Bike. The students got to use energy to help make a healthy smoothie.

Students learning about pollinators from David and Terri Bomgardner of Mercer.

Mrs. Holtzclaw's class worked on card math:

2nd Grade: adding 2-digit numbers.

3rd grade: adding 3-digit numbers.

4th Grade


3 digits by 3 digits!

Valentine's Day 2020