School Board Policy Page

section g: personnel

GB-1: Part-Time and Substitute Employment

GB-2 Part-Time and Substitute Employment

GBA: Exempt and Nonexempt Employees

GBAA: Staff Extra-Duty Assignments

GBAC: Staffing With and Employing Retirees

GBAD: Telework

GBB: Staff Involvement in Decision Making

GBBDA: Family and Medical Leave

GBCA: Staff Conflict of Interest

GBCB: Staff Conduct

GBCBA: Employee Walkouts, Strikes and Other Disruptions

GBCBB: Protected Staff Communications

GBCBC: Staff Absences and Tardiness

GBCC: Staff Use of Communication Devices

GBE: Staff Health and Safety

GBEA: Workers' Compensation

GBEBA: Drug-Free Workplace

GBEBB-2: Employee Alcohol and Drug Testing

GBEBB-3: Employee Alcohol and Drug Testing

GBEBB-4: Employee Alcohol and Drug Testing

GBEBC: Criminal Background Checks

GBH: Staff/Student Relations

GBL: Personnel Records

GBLB: References

GBM: Staff Grievances

GCA: Professional Staff Positions

GCBA: Professional Staff Salary Schedule

GCBC: Professional Staff Fringe Benefits

GCBDA: Professional Staff Short-Term Leaves 

GCBDB: Professional Staff Long-Term Leaves

GCD-1: Professional Staff Recruiting and Hiring

GCD-2: Professional Staff Recruiting and Hiring

GCG: Professional Staff Probation and Tenure

GCI: Professional Staff Assignments and Transfers

GCL: Professional Staff Development Opportunities

GCLB: Professional Staff Career Ladder Program

GCN: Evaluation of Professional Staff

GCPA: Reduction in Professional Staff Work Force

GCPB: Resignation of Professional Staff Members

GCPD: Suspension of Professional Staff Members

GCPE: Termination of Professional Staff Members

GCPF: Renewal of Professional Staff Members

GDA: Support Staff Positions

GDBA: Support Staff Compensation

GDBC: Support Staff Fringe Benefits

GDBDA: Support Staff Leaves

GDC-1: Support Staff Recruiting and Hiring

GDC-2: Support Staff Recruiting and Hiring

GDI: Support Staff Assignments and Transfers

GDL: Support Staff Development Opportunities

GDN: Evaluation of Support Staff

GDPB-1: Resignation of Support Staff Members

GDPB-2: Resignation of Support Staff Member

GDPD: Suspension of Support Staff Members

GDPE: Nonrenewal and Termination of Support Staff Members

section i: instruction

IA: Instructional Goals/Priority Objectives

IC: Academic Calendar/Year/Day

IF: Curriculum Development

IGA: Basic Instructional Programs

IGAB: Instructional Interventions

IGAC: Teaching about Religion

IGAD: Occupational Education

IGAEA: Teaching about Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco

IGAEB: Teaching about Human Sexuality

IGB: Accommodation of Students with Disabilities

IGBA-1: Programs for Students with Disabilities

IGBA-2: Programs for Students with Disabilities

IGBB: Programs for Gifted Students

IGBC: Parent/Family Involvement in Instructional and Other Programs

IGBCA: Programs for Homeless Students

IGBCB: Programs for Migrant Students

IGBD-1: At-Risk Students

IGBD-2: At-Risk Students

IGBE-1: Students in Foster Care

IGBE-2: Students in Foster Care

IGBG: Homebound Instruction

IGBH: Programs for English Language Learners

IGBI: Home Schooling

IGC: Extended Instructional Programs

IGCD: Virtual Courses

IGCDA: MOCAP Virtual Courses

IGCE-1: Non Traditional Instruction Options

IGCE-2: Non Traditional Instruction Options

IGD: District-Sponsored Extracurricular Activities

IGDA: Student-Initiated Group Use of District Facilities

IGDB: Student Publications

IGDBA: Distribution of Noncurricular Student Publications

IGDF: Student Fundraising

IHB: Class Size

IIA-1: Instructional Materials

IIA-2: Instructional Materials

IIAC: Instructional Media Centers/Libraries

IICA: Field Trips and Excursions

IICC: School Volunteers

IK: Academic Achievement

IKE: Promotion, Acceleration and Retention of Students

IKF: Graduation Requirements

IKFA: Early Graduation

IKFB: Graduation Exercises

IL-1: Assessment Program

IL-2: Assessment Program

ILA: Test Integrity and Security

IM: Evaluation of Instructional Programs

INC-1: Speakers at District Events

INC-2: Speakers at District Events

IND: Ceremonies and Observances

section k: School-community relations

section L: education agency relations