Positive Behavior Support (PBS)

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September Student of the Month: Alaina Roberts- 4th Grade

September Student Drawing:

1st Prize: Kindergartner Maximus Holtzclaw

2nd Prize: 1st Grader Alex Holtzclaw

3rd Prize: 4th Grader Randy Wilson

October Student of the Month:

Michael Cochran-1st Grade

October Student Drawing:

1st Prize: 4th Grade Alaina Roberts

2nd Prize: 1st Grade Nate Roberts

3rd Prize: Kindergartner Trinity Chapman

November Student of the Month:

5th Grader: Loren Stubbs

December Student of the Month: Kindergartner Ruger Etter

December Student Drawing:

4th Grader: Randy Wilson

Kindergartner: Maximus Holtzclaw

4th Grader: Anthony Templeton

January Student of the Month:

6th Grader Tate Beavers

January Student Drawing:

5th Grader Loren Stubbs

6th Grader Markus Templeton

4th Grader Randy Wilson

February Student of the Month:

6th Grader: Markus Templeton

February Student Drawing:

4th Grader Randy Wilson

4th Grader Grady Beavers

6th Grader Nick Roberts

March Student of the Month:

3rd Grader: Denver Callahan