Information Page

7-12 NEW Student Enrollment: August 17-19 10am-2pm (or by appointment) in Dr. Henke's office

Required documentation: Birth certificate, Social security card, immunization records, and Proof of parent’s Princeton district residency. *Students who completed the previous school year at Princeton (including 6th graders) do not need to attend Enrollment.

Open House: August 24th 5-7pm

Orientations: 7th (5:30), 9th (6:00), 12th (6:30) in Activity Room

Grades 7, 9, & 12 have specific orientations with Dr. Henke and Mr. Mitchell to help these students and their parents navigate potentially tricky transition points.

Grades 8, 10, & 11 may come anytime 5-7pm to pick up their packets from their lockers. Locker numbers will be posted in hallways.

Contact Dr. Henke with questions: 748-3490 ext. 222

Dr. Kristin Henke

JH/HS Counselor

District At-Risk Coordinator