Board of Education

President                 Ginger Terhune                  
Vice President         Ruth Ann Shipps                
Treasurer                Jesse Richmond                 
Member                   Nancy Anderson                     
Member                   Glenn Wilson             
Member                   Roger Bonnett  

School Board Policies 
Making and maintaining policy is one of a school board's major responsibilities. Policies provide guidance to district staff personnel, students, parents, and patrons while setting a professional tone for the Spickard R-II School District. In addition, policies serve to communicate and orient new board members and Spickard citizens regarding procedures for this district.

The Board of Education Policy Manual is the only official source for Spickard R-II School District policies. The manual is maintained in the Superintendent’s Office, and a copy is available for all school personnel. Each policy is categorized according to the Missouri School Board Association (MSBA) Model Policy.